Don’t be BORING…. Teach Piano to Preschoolers with Storybooks!

Uftah! I know it’s overwhelming! I’ve put together this series so quickly; it’s hard to keep up. So, let’s set you off on the RIGHT foot!

Firstly, understand that the Tiny Tinkles Little Musicians Series is incredibly adaptable to cater to the learning needs of EVERY preschool-aged child. There are numerous spots to HOP ON BOARD into our program.

Before you start teaching with ANY book, take a moment to look at the book in its entirety. Study each page spread, investigate what’s on each page, and think about all the things you could teach your child with each turn.

If you have a child who has never been exposed to music classes or lessons, start with Tiny Tinkles Town.

After reading the book, you’ll understand and recognize the themes you’ll be covering in your learning time. You can also find outlines of what each book includes in our new Learning Library. This page is still under construction and likely won’t be finished for a wee bit as we work through the

In the coming months, our website will have lesson plans for EACH book and resources suggested in this Learning Library. I’m building all these links out right now.

When looking for our digital downloads or printable worksheets, head to our Teachers Pay Teachers site. There you’ll find printables, worksheets, games, activities, room decor, and more!

To take your printable worksheets to the next level, check out our YouTube channel, where you’ll find all our educational learning videos. These videos offer your kids (students or your own children) a chance to visualize and engage in interactive activities that encourage music learning. We have adorable game-style videos for visual learners, fingerplays, and songs to dance to. Many more videos are on their way, including a full preschool circle time, Tiny Tinkles style!

If you have a child who is between the ages of 4 and 5, has taken musicianship or music and movement classes, and is quite familiar with letters and numbers, you might be ready to dive into the Little Performers Collection!  This is the piano method book collection in the series, where your little musician will learn how to play piano with songs that feature pre-notation. These books move slowly with lots of repetition and encouragement for playful practicing and offers preschoolers the best start on their piano learning adventure.

Don’t forget, the Tiny Tinkles Little Musician Series is STILL growing! Over the next year, you can expect the piano portion of the series to produce the new collection, “Songs and Scales.” Each book will feature a new character in the circle of fifths, starting with Chloe Cat, then Gordie Goat, Daisy Dog, etc. This series will teach your child alternate hand positions, increasing their knowledge of piano geography and playing intervals of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths, pentascales, and triads with an adorable little story for each character! These books will also help your little musician grow their EAR! Not only will they be PLAYING intervals, but they will also be singing and listening to them too! Creating those connections will enable them to improve their musicianship and LOVE for music.

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