Music Theory made FUN!

Let’s take a deep dive into the music theory world of the Tiny Tinkles Little Musicians Series. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or a music enthusiast, these engaging activity books are designed to make learning preschool piano a delightful adventure.

Little Composers Book One: A Musical Adventure with all our Tiny Tinkles Friends!

In this introductory book, your child explores the characters in Tiny Tinkles Town. From coloring characters to singing about their love for their favorite key/note, this book lays the foundation for musical exploration. It’s not just a book; it’s a musical experience, with each character having its own catchy song! We trace letters and learn how to draw musical symbols, all in an interactive way – through songs and poetry.

Pro Tip: Perfect for those starting their musical journey, especially if your child hasn’t had prior exposure to music classes.

Little Composers Book Two: Composing One Note Songs

Building on the success of the first book, the second installment introduces composing one-note songs. The colorful characters guide your child through creating simple yet charming melodies. Aligned with the Prodigies program, this book seamlessly integrates piano learning into the musical journey.

Doodle Book One: Exploring Notation with Silly Willy

Ease your child into reading notation with Doodle Book One. Silly Willy, the whole note, makes learning fun by turning circles and lines into an exciting adventure. With engaging activities, your little musician practices drawing steps and skips high and low on the staff and starts understanding the basics of staff notation.

Doodle Book Two: Composing with the Tiny Tinkles Friends

Doodle Book Two expands on the notation adventure, focusing on composing simple melodies. With Chloe Cat leading the way, your child learns to create musical pieces, fostering creativity and a deeper connection with piano basics. This book introduces a few notes at a time, setting up every little musician for success.

Doodle Book Three: Music Note Extravaganza

Doodle Book Three delves into a variety of musical notes, enhancing your child’s understanding of notation. The characters come to life, making it a lively experience as they draw and learn about various music notes and their values. Each note is introduced with their own memorable song with lots of hand clapping opportunities which makes it SO MUCH fun!

Songs and Stories Books: Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

Songs and Stories Books One and Two serve as creative outlets for your child. These blank canvases invite them to craft their own musical tales, draw accompanying illustrations, and compose their unique songs. A perfect blend of imagination and musical expression.

Whether your child is just starting or progressing through the series, each book is crafted to offer a joyful and educational experience. The Tiny Tinkles Little Musicians Series not only teaches piano basics but also nurtures a lifelong love for music.

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Feel free to share your experiences and questions in the comments below. Let the musical journey begin! 🎹🌟


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