Kids ROCK: Make Music Together!

Be a happy little musician

Doesn’t music just make you feel GOOD inside? It makes KIDS feel good inside too. Music helps children in EVERY aspect of their lives.

Babies love to babble, toddlers love to make animal sounds, and preschoolers love to sing songs. Learning music isn’t just about singing the right notes, there’s so much more to music than that. There’s letters, numbers, rhythm, notes and notation, music symbols and terms, then there are the developmental skills like fine and gross motor, co-ordination, balance, cognitive skills as well as social emotional benefits!

Happy child
mom and baby piano

Connect with Your Child through PLAY

By far, the most important benefit of music is connection. Music binds us together, and helps us to create a sense of belonging with our young ones. This connection is a crucial part of early learning and development. It grows confidence, builds self-esteem, develops discipline, improves language development, enhances social skills and develops problem-solving skills. Music comforts us with its soft soothing sounds, it makes us feel happy with its funky beats and driving rhythm, music helps us to explore the world through play.

So grab your baby and dance, clap and tap with your toddler and sing and play instruments with your preschooler. Build playful memories together, because music is the secret to happiness and successful teaching!


Watch Learning VIDEOS

Watch and learn! These adorable short educational videos will get your little musician clapping, tapping, and playing along! Learn letters, numbers, piano keys and more.

Baby Music Class.

Sing, dance and play with your baby every day! Your baby treasures special time together, hearing your voice, bouncing to silly songs and rocking to lullabies!

Tap, Clap, ROAR.

Discover the joy of rhythm by tapping and clapping along with interactive videos that explore quarter notes and rests, half notes and whole notes.

Puppet Shows & Piano Cartoons.

Silly and short memorable videos with songs that will have your little one laughing and learning all things musical.


Draw with CRAYONS

Little Musicians love colorful activities! Boost confidence with tracing, writing, and coloring worksheets. Enhance learning with playful games featuring activity cards and manipulatives!

Master Letters and Numbers.

Look & find, match and trace! Print engaging and FUN educational worksheets for your little musician.

Learn Music Notes, Values and Rhythm.

Activity cards and printable games that teach beat recognition, piano geography, and so much more.

Puppet Shows & Piano Cartoons.

Play fun games with printables that combine hands-on learning experiences with our YouTube videos!

Make MUSIC with Ms. Deb

Empower your little musician with exciting opportunities to make music! All you need to do is just press PLAY.

Sing Me a Story. Read, Sing and Draw.

Read a story, sing a song, and draw with crayons! Kids love reading, singing, and drawing and these short episodes are a great way to tie music into your day.

Music with Ms. Deb
& Friends!

We’ve got lots of music friends! There’s Tweet the Parakeet, and all the Tiny Tinkles Animals, who’s your favorite friend?

Little Ukes and Strummin’ Mamas.

Never too young or too old! Ms. Deb will have you singing & strumming in no time with special strategies that make learning simple and fun.

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“I have just discovered this music series and I think they are terrific for teaching kids piano ~ the songs are fun and my daughters are totally into them!”

Mat Springer, Daddy to Ms. P, Ms. G, and Ms. O