Playful Preschool Piano Teaching Tips and Resources for Teachers

We all just wanna be Preschool Rockstars

Teaching music to toddlers and preschoolers is a really cool gig. Honestly, what could be better than jumping, singing, and strumming along with a mini mosh pit of 25 little kidlets? Their big, curious eyes looking up at you, knowing you are the coolest person in the world! Or, maybe you are teaching these little monsters one-on-one in a private piano lesson or in a small group or preschool piano class.

We as music teachers have one main purpose, to inspire our little musicians so they NEED to learn more. When you have your fingertips on fabulous music teaching resources, the rest is easy. Happy little musicians, excited parents, and billable hours every week.


Be The COOL Teacher

Play and win your students over with our adorable printables, manipulatives and interactive games based on our Musical Storybooks! Teaching and learning that’s fun, NOT work!

Extra practice where littles need it most.

Letters, numbers, notes and musical symbols, we’ve got worksheets for everything little learners need!

Hands-on learning with printable manipulatives.

Powerful tools that teach a variety of skills and develop fine motor and problem solving skills.

Pre-reading AND Notation Versions.

Our resources grow with your students from the very first lesson until after they are reading in the music staff!

Better YOUR Business

Your studio deserves to be all YOU, everything you dreamed of and more! Professional development videos, masterclasses and workshops designed to help you succeed.

Sell Music Lessons with Confidence.

Presentation is everything! Increase your value by learning how to highlight your skills when speaking with prospective clients.

Grow Your

Increase your enrollment and teach when you wanna!. You know your biz best, take ownership and run it the way you KNOW it will succeed.

Professionalize Your Business.

Build that studio policy, plan for next year’s studio calendar, learn how to effectively post to social media: what to do, when to do it, and how.

Become Part of OUR Family

You have the opportunity to be a part of something AMAZING! The Tiny Tinkles Teachers Group is growing and we want you to join us! Make friends, ask questions, can’t wait to see you inside!

Celebrate your success!

Shout it out! One of the most exciting things about being a music teacher is when your kidlets learn something cool, we love hearing your stories!

Share your frustrations and find solutions.

Teaching is a journey. Things don’t always turn out as we planned, but we’re here for you! Ready to give you the advice you need.

Mentor other teachers.

We are all different, and that’s what makes us special. We are excited to support and inspire one another and be the best teachers we can be.

“Deb Krol is an amazing teacher, an inspiring coach and a marvelous writer of music curriculum for preschool age children. After Deb personally helped me strategize and create marketing for my toddler music class, I instantly saw an increase in class enrollment. Deb is upbeat, savvy and creative. Even after our coaching session, she checked in with me to see how things were going, she really wants children to benefit from music. Nobody does that!”

Amy Clovis, Music Lessons Citrus